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CEO (F): Are we ready for the meeting today, Martin?
Secretary (M): We are. I have the minutes from last week’s meeting ready to be submitted for approval.
CEO: Great. Did you include the business update?
Secretary: I listed it, but I didn’t give the details. Was that a mistake?
CEO: No, no, that’s just fine. I just don’t want anything to slow us down. Speaking of which, have you heard if anyone’s going to be absent?
Secretary: I’m pretty sure Peter Sui is out today, but no one else. So there will still be a quorum.
CEO: Okay. And the agenda is all set?
Secretary: I think so. I said that the meeting will convene at 4:00. Is that correct?
CEO: Yes. It should last for about an hour.
Secretary: And you’ll be giving your report directly after the call to order, right?
CEO: Yes. Then I’ll be followed by the sales update.
Secretary: Making the committee updates last. Which is exactly what I have printed here.
CEO: Good job for putting all this together.
Secretary: Thanks, I’m glad it came out right.
CEO: Oh, one last thing. Does everyone have a copy of the agenda?
Secretary: Yes. I handed them out yesterday.