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Administrative Assistant (M): Mrs. Theaker? I’ve written that memo for you.
Director (F): Oh good. Let me have a look. Hmm. I don’t know.
Administrative Assistant: Is there something wrong?
Director: It’s just ‘” a bit short. And it’s kind of impersonal.
Administrative Assistant: How should I change it?
Director: Well, it’s an anniversary. So we should talk about the founding of the company.
Administrative Assistant: I’m sorry. I don’t know much about that.
Director: No? It was set up by two men who imported rubber.
Administrative Assistant: Really? How could they do that in these offices?
Director: Oh, they started out at an old warehouse down the road. They relocated here back in the eighties.
Administrative Assistant: Okay, well, I’ll definitely add that. Anything else?
Director: Let’s pop in something about the nineties. It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing back then, but it made the company what it is today.
Administrative Assistant: So I should just mention that times were tough?
Director: Tell you what, drop by my office around two o’clock. I’ll give you the details then.
Administrative Assistant: Sounds good. I’ll add in the part about the founding right now.
Director: Thanks John. Talk to you later