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Secretary (M): Excuse me, this is the payroll department (phòng tính lương), isn’t it?
Payroll (F): It is. What can I do for you?
Secretary: Well, I think there’s been some kind of mistake. Yesterday was pay day, right?
Payroll: Yes, we pay on the 27th of each month.
Secretary: Okay, I thought so. The problem is, I didn’t get paid.
Payroll: Well, we pay your salary straight into your account by direct deposit.
Secretary: I know, but I checked my bank account and nothing went in.
Payroll: That’s strange. Has it gone through correctly in the past?
Secretary: Actually, I started here just three weeks ago. So I’ve never been paid before.
Payroll: That explains it. You see, we pay one month in arrears. You won’t receive your salary until next month, I’m afraid.
Secretary: Oh no! I didn’t realize that!
Payroll: If you’re short on money, I can arrange to give you an advance.
Secretary: Can you?
Payroll: Yes, we can give you a check for up to fifty percent of your basic monthly salary, but just for this month.
Secretary: That would be great. I’d really appreciate it.
Payroll: No problem. Just fill out this form.