Đàm thoại Tiếng Anh về tiền

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Teller (F): Good afternoon, Sir. Welcome to Hilltown Ban’L What can I do for you today?
Assistant (M): Good afternoon. Can you please tell me today’s exchange rate for the euro?
Teller: Certainly. Let me see. Today’s rate is one euro to one dollar and forty cents.
Assistant: Would you say that’s a gooo rate. compared to recent days?
Teller: Yes. The euro has bee’) Dretty stable compared to the dollar lately.
Assistant: Great. I’d like to buy 200 euros please.
Teller: Sure. Will that be all for you?
Assistant: Not quite. I’ll also need the rate on the pound, too, if you don’t mind.
Teller: No problem. It is one dollar and fifty cents per pound today.
Assistant: All right, that’s not too bad. I’ll need to get one hundred pounds as well, please.
Teller: Got it. So are you going on vacation or on a business trip?
Assistant: Oh, I wish it was for me. My boss is traveling on business and asked me to get some local currency for taxis and lunches.
Teller: Well, I hope that your boss enjoys the trip. Your total is written on this receipt.
Assistant: Perfect. Thank you.