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Supervisor (F): Come in. Oh, hi Ms. Mullen. Please take a seat.
PA (F): Thank you, Mrs. Miller.
Supervisor: How are you doing? It’s been a while since your interview.
PA: Yes, it has. I’m well, and yourself?
Supervisor: Great! Although, it’s kind of stressful without a PA right now. I’m looking forward to you starting. What was your start date again?
PA: May 10th. I’m excited to start, too. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.
Supervisor: We think you’ll be a valuable asset to our team. Now, what did you want to meet with me about?
PA: Well, I have a few questions that we didn’t discuss during my interview.
Supervisor: Okay, go ahead.
PA: Well, I’ve been reading the employee handbook that you sent me and some of the benefits are unclear.
Supervisor: Okay, such as …
PA: Well, I was wondering when I’ll be eligible for medical benefits?
Supervisor: Employees become eligible for medical benefits after working here for one month.
PA: And what about my family? Are they covered under the plan also?
Supervisor: Of course. Your husband and children are also covered.
PA: Okay, that’s great. I just wanted to clarify those things.