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Secretary (F): Good afternoon Mr. Jordan. Can I help you with something?
Boss (M): Yes. Please, type up this report and send it to Cheryl at New Horizons.
Secretary: Will do.
Boss: But I need you to make some special formatting changes.
Secretary: Okay, let me write them down. What do you need done?
Boss: I need you to type it in size 14 font, instead of our usual size 12. Cheryl has a hard time reading anything smaller than that.
Secretary: All right. Anything else?
Boss: Yes, double space the document so that Cheryl can make notes.
Secretary: Got it.
Boss: Oh, please let her know that I would like her to send it back by Friday.
Secretary: Okay. I’ll get on it right away.
Boss: Great! Thanks. Please call me if you have any questions.