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Assistant: Good afternoon, Tanya Westerton speaking.
Customer: Hello, it’s Dan Penrose here. I got a letter from you about my outstanding balance.
Assistant: Oh yes, I remember.
Customer: You see, there’s a small problem. I’m expecting some money myself, and I can’t forward you anything until I receive that.
Assistant: When do you expect to receive that payment?
Customer: I wish I knew for certain. I’ve sent an invoice, but I’ve got nothing from the customer yet.
Assistant: I see.
Customer: Anyway, I was hoping you could waive that extra interest charge. I’ll send the money as soon as I can.
Assistant: I’m afraid I can’t do that, Mr. Penrose. Our contract clearly states that we must charge interest if the amount isn’t paid in full by March 1st.
Customer: I could pay you some of the money, say, two hundred pounds.
Assistant: We would appreciate that, but I’m afraid the interest charge would still stand.
Customer: There’s nothing you can do?
Assistant: I’m sorry, no.
Customer: Okay, I’ll just have to send my client another letter.
Assistant: I suggest you do. I hope he remits payment to you soon.
Customer: I hope so too. Bye then.

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