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The writer believes and knows that if thee writings (which are by one who knows whereof he speaks) serve to save even one young man or woman from this terrible fate and to show the absolute certainty of the curse which will certainly fall upon those who allow their pernicious passions to control them, and thereby be the means of assisting the unfortunate one to curb his passions, they will not have been written without good and sufficient reward.
No young man can enter into life through the portals of manhood and begin an existence consisting of the sole gratification of his passions, giving his mind up to unholy, lewd and voluptuous thoughts and not pay the price or penalty thereof, for his sensualized soul will be overcome by his indulgence and gratification in carnal or sensual pleasures, and he soon realizes that he is living and existing in an atmosphere that is unholy. For there is a sanctity even of body and soul which the sensually minded man does not even dream of, and his sin will react unto him with a terrible consequence.
The path and life of the sensualist abounds with terrible dangers, for once the soul succumbs to the evil passions the fatal work begins, and all energy of the body, mind and soul is wasted, and life becomes an illusion and existence .a curse. The mind and soul becomes morbid and despondent, while fear and anxiety predominate. These of course attract little or no attention at first, but in due time the mental and vital forces of the system become so impoverished that man becomes a little more than a wreck of his former self. No man must think that because the evil results and consequences of his debased acts do not appear early that they will not be present at all, for he may rest assured that even if they are late in arriving, they will in time break down his constitution. However, he has not long to wait until his mind will begin to receive fearful impressions, his life and existence seem to be one of extreme dissatisfaction. Everything seems to go wrong, many of his efforts fail without any visible or apparent reason. He becomes easily discouraged and this dangerous state can no longer be regarded with indifference upon his part and, while he still continues the gratification of his debased passions he feels overcome with disgust and contempt for his own actions, as his soul, in trying to free itself of lewd thoughts, revolts against him. He becomes greatly emaciated and deficient in energy, and is brought face to face with the terrible fact that a continuation of his indulgence will bring on some terrible calamity.
Self-defilement in itself constitutes an abandonment of man’s social and commercial position in the world; for you may take what view of this matter you please and you will find that these facts are more than true. Outraged nature refuses longer to tolerate the act or supply the system of the sensualist with strength and vitality. Pure and virtuous thoughts no longer are tenants of the soul, the lewd and sensual ones which, having driven them out, now predominate, and they feed like a vampire upon the soul, mind and body of their victim, serving to make him an ambiguous being upon the path of life. An existence of this kind, constantly surrounded by adverse evil influences, renders the mind incapable of directing its thought force, while repetition of the act of self-defilement makes the wretched man unable to participate in the affairs of life. His organs have become so used to being influenced by his thoughts that they act automatically in connection with his imagination, thereby greatly exhausting his nervous system by involuntary emissions. He in time feels an aversion for the opposite sex, finding more satisfaction in self-defilement, and he need not be surprised if his morbid thoughts force him into compliance with their wishes at any hour of the night or day, even under the most trivial excuse, and these frequent filthy actions upon his part, connected with involuntary evacuations at night, soon render him incapable of having proper health and the foundation for the terrible disease of impotency has been laid.
If by chance association is had with one of the opposite sex, its result is disgust on her part, and she feels (and rightfully so) nothing but aversion for the man who has wasted and impaired his vital forces, totally unfitting him to properly perform the part his creator destined him to take.
Remorse and regret, those silent, relentless enemies, now attack the shattered soul, producing the most bitter agony, and the helpless victim of his own baneful acts suffers the tortures of the damned. Unlawful indulgence, sensuality, and self-defilement annihilate and drive out youth and vigor from the system and soon bring on a feeling of age. Many young boys and girls defile themselves before they are seventeen years of age and their souls have become deeply steeped in the mire of sensualism. The young man or woman becomes old before their time. Venereal desire and capacity for intercourse is either annulled or insufficient and the victim is bordering on a morbid state of mind that is more pitiful than death. Evacuations of seed, which formerly only occurred as the direct result of lewd dreams, may now occur at any time of passing the urine, or while at stool, for when this terrible disease has reached an advanced stage there is a continual wasting and discharge, as the delicate glands of the testes have become so weakened that they have no power to retain it.

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