The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain

For deft plotting, riotous inventiveness, unforgettable characters, and language that brilliantly captures the lively rhythms of American speech, no American writer comes close to Mark Twain. This sparkling anthology covers the entire span of Twain’s inimitable yarn-spinning, from his early broad comedy to the biting satire of his later years. Every one of his sixty […]

Necromanticism: Travelling to Meet the Dead, 1750-1860.

Westover P. Necromanticism is a study of literary pilgrimage: readers’ compulsion to visit literary homes, landscapes, and (especially) graves during the long Romantic period. The book draws on the histories of tourism and literary genres to highlight Romanticism’s recourse to the dead in its reading, writing, and canon-making practices. Introduction: Traveling to Meet the Dead […]

Manage Your Classroom Like A Pro

Simple teacher-tested instructions to keep your classroom under control! How do you handle everyday class interruptions? What do you do when the noise level is so high, you can’t hear yourself think? What about handling multilingual groups? Multilevel classes? Manage your classroom like never before with our Busy Teacher’s TOP 25 classroom management secrets – […]