SMS acronyms and contractions

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A comprehensive list of SMS acronyms and contractions: 👇📌
(Một số từ viết tắt trong chat chit Tiếng Anh)

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Asap – as soon as possible
Tia – thanks in advance
Jam – just a minute
Gf – girlfriend
Cu – see you
Pls – please
L8 – late
W8 – wait
Cul8er – see you later
F2f – face to face
B4 – before
2moro – Tomorrow
2nite – Tonight
AAMOF – As a matter of fact
BRB – Be Right Back
BTW – By The Way
B4N – Bye For Now
BCNU – Be Seeing You
BFF – Best Friends Forever
CYA – See Ya
DAMHIK – Don’t ask me how I know
DBEYR – Don’t Believe Everything You Read
FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation
FWIW – For What It’s Worth -or- Forgot Where I Was
GR8 – Great
ICBW – I could be wrong
HTH – Hope this helps
ILY – I Love You
IMHO – In My Humble Opinion
IRL – In Real Life
ISO – In Search Of
J/K – Just Kidding
L8R – Later
LMAO – Laughing My Ass Off
LMK – Let me know
LOL – Laughing Out Loud -or- Lots Of Love
MHOTY – My Hat’s Off To You
NP – No Problem
NUB – New person to a site or game
OIC – Oh, I See
OMG – Oh My God
OT – Off Topic
POV – Point Of View
RBTL – Read Between The Lines
RT – Real Time -or- ReTweet -or- Retweet
THX or TX or THKS – Thanks
SH – Sh** Happens
SITD – Still In The Dark
SOL – Sh** Out of Luck
SWAK – Sealed (or Sent) With A Kiss
TFH – Thread From Hell
RTM – Read The Manual
TLC – Tender Loving Care
TMI – Too Much Information
TTYL – Talk To You Later -or- Type To You Later
TYVM – Thank You Very Much
VBG – Very Big Grin
WTF – What The F***
WYWH – Wish You Were Here
XOXO – Hugs and Kisses

SMS acronyms and contractions

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