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*** Sách này chỉ có tiếng Anh – ko có Tiếng Việt. Books are only English, no Vietnamese or bilingual.

4 STEP PHONICS_STEP 1 (Beginning Sounds & Alphabet)_Review 1(Aa-Hh) (videos)
20 Kindergarten Word Families Sliders
25 Easy Nonfiction Mini-Books Judy Nayer
At-Home Tutor
Blue Banana Readers: Level 1
*Just Like Mommy! Just Like Daddy!
*Chocolate Mud Cake
*One Kiss For Grandpa
*Sleepy Barker
Cool Reading
Daily Warm-Ups: Nonfiction Reading by Ruth Foster (Grade 2)
Daily Warm-Ups: Reading by Shelle Russell (Grade 3)
Daily Warm-Ups: Reading by Sarah Clark (Grade 5)
Daily Warm-Ups: Nonfiction Reading by Robert W. Smith (Grade 6)
Decodable Readers
Early Reading_Fantastic Phonics Books (19 Pupil’s + Teacher’s books)
English short stories for complete beginners
Exploring Reading (4 books)
Family and Friends Readers (12 books)
Fun with Reading. Grade 1 (Skills Boostey)
First books from Harcourt School Publishers. Grade: Kindergarten
First books from Harcourt School Publishers. Grade 1
Fun with Reading (Grade K + Grade 1)
Happy English I_Т.Б. Клементьева, Б. Монк_Reader
Happy English I_Reader_Millions of Cats
Happy English I_Reader_The Three Cats
Health, Safety and Manners_Reader_Grade 1*
High-Interest Reading Comprehehtion. Skill & Strategies (3-8)
Houghton Miffin Reading
I’m Reading_ONLINE*
Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Worksheets*
Let’s Read and Write in English by Ken Methold_1-4
Longman English for Me Storybooks:
A Pet for Peter (+Audio)
A Surprise for Grandpa (+Audio)
Rainy Day Picnic (+Audio)
Show and Tell (+Audio)
Where’s Is Andy (+Audio)
My Readers
Phonics Pathways. Clear Steps to Easy Reading and Perfect Spelling
Premium Education Reading_Grade 3
Prime-time Comprehension
Read and Retell
Read and Understand
Read and Understand Fiction
Read Up
Reader for Spotlight – Express Publishing
Reading by Mercer Mayer (Grade K)
Reading Adventures_Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (+audio)
Reading Clue
Reading Comprehension (Read and Write – Word Families and Blends)
Reading Comprehension and Reading Skills
Reading Comprehension for Kindy Kids
Reading Comprehension Worksheets. Mid Beginning Level
Reading for Understanding_Disney Learning
Reading for Every Child
Reading Simplified. Book 1. Practice in Basic Reading Skills
Reading Sketch (Starter and Up)_1-3
Reading: Skill Builders (Grade K)
Reading Skill Sharpeners (Grade 4)
Reading Starter (1-3) by John Thomas
Real Kids Reader
Select Reading
Silent K/ Silent B
Skill Builders: Reading (Learning Train)
Skill Sharpeners Reading (Grades K, 2,4)
Spelling Rules
Start Reading books by Derek Strange (Oxford)*
Stories for Thinking Children by Harun Yahya (2 books)
Stunt Duck by Clive Gifford (Ladybird Reading Phonics_Book 4)*
Success with Reading Comprehension (1-5)
Super-Fun Reading & Writing Skill Builders Grade 3-4
Test Your Listening/Reading by Peter Watcyn-Jones
Texts for Fluency Practice
The Complete Book of Reading (Grades 1-2)
Total Reading 1,2,K
Very First Sight Word Sentences
Wonder Reading
Your Total Solution for Reading (Pre-K, Grade 1, Grade 2)

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  1. Có thể vui lòng share file nghe của Exploring Reading Very Easy 2 không? Cám ơn nhiều

  2. Cho mình xin sách Reading skills Harcourt workbook c nếu bạn có ạ . Cảm ơn ạ

  3. Chào bạn, bạn có sách super easy reading không bạn? Cho mình xin bộ đó với, mình tìm khắp nơi không thấy.
    Cảm ơn bạn nhiều

  4. Chào bạn, bạn có sách Phonics show readers 4 level 1-4 không bạn? Cho mình xin bộ đó với, mình tìm khắp nơi không thấy.
    Cảm ơn bạn nhiều

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