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The Legend of Betel and Areca
Sự tích trầu cau - Tiếng Anh
Long ago, there was a official named Cao who had two sons. The two sons were only one year apart and looked exactly alike, so much so that outsiders could not tell who was the older brother and who was the younger brother. When the two brothers were seventeen and eighteen years old, their parents both died. The two brothers, who had already loved each other dearly, now loved each other even more in the face of this desolate situation.
No longer able to be taught by their father, the two brothers went to ask the Taoist priest Liu to teach them. The two brothers studied diligently and were upright, so they were loved by the teacher as if they were his own sons. Mr. Liu had a daughter who was about sixteen or seventeen years old, with a beautiful appearance that no other girl in the region could match.

Seeing that the two Cao brothers were both handsome and gentle, the daughter fell in love with them and wanted to choose the older brother as her husband, but she did not know who was the older brother and who was the younger brother.

One day, when the family was cooking porridge, the daughter took a bowl of porridge and a pair of chopsticks and invited the two brothers to eat. Seeing the younger brother give way to the older brother to eat, the daughter realized who was the older brother and who was the younger brother. After that, the daughter told her parents to allow her to marry the older brother…
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