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The morphine eater, the drunkard and the sensualist have very little of what is known as “free will,” for the will of such unfortunates is a thing that has ceased to manifest itself, if not to exist; a dipsomaniac is reported to have said that if he were given a glass of whiskey and felt thoroughly convinced that the drinking of it would immediately consign him to the pains and tortures of Hell, exposed to his gaze with all its terrors, he would be unable, through a want of will power, to resist draining the glass. This same principle also applies to the sensualist who has become depraved by his acts of self-defilement, although he fully realizes the terrible consequence of his acts, is unable to resist his insane impulse and desire, because he no longer has control of his mind or mental forces.
The hope of success where other means have failed to cure these frightful habits and mental disorders, fully justifies a careful reading of this work.
The reader and close observer can readily see the sad and pitiful aspect of these diseases and the sorrow that they entail, and quickly understand that peace and happiness and true felicity will never be known or experienced by that soul which has defiled itself in the vortex of its sexual thoughts and unnatural participation in delusive pleasures and passions, nevertheless there is hope for any man, old or young, who will determine to enter into a common effort with one who is sincere and can give him the required advice; for, if the proper advice is obtained, his transition from misery and disease to health and happiness will be rapid indeed. The man or woman who continues to defy the law of nature by corrupting their soul can never expect to attain or participate in the happiness of matrimony, or even be respected by the opposite sex, for he is destroying the basis of conjugal affections and reciprocal love by rendering himself incompetent, by perverting and defiling his soul. Again, every man was intended by the Creator and pre-ordained to propagate his kind, but if he continues to weaken or destroy the vital powers given to him by continuing this vile and immoral habit, it will only serve to degrade him. No man or woman, no matter how strong they are physically or sexually, can for any length of time stand the terrible effects of unnatural indulgence, for when excesses are indulged in, even between man and wife, they will, in time, produce some weakness or disease; for excesses are always attended by a dismal train of misery and anxiety. During the first stages of nervous debility some men are incapable of properly controlling their temper. Let the mind dwell and picture to itself the unhappy circumstances and conditions surrounding the young or middle-aged man, who has taken unto himself an affectionate and well sexed wife, when he is demanded to lay aside his foul practice for the sacred pleasures of the nuptial bed. Can you conceive or realize the despair and misery of the man and the cruel disappointment of his wife, who is quick to detect his weakness? Her husband, of course, for the time being, experiences a certain venereal excitement; he becomes nervous and unable to control his passions, which have become inflamed and beyond his control.
As stated before, sexual power may not be entirely destroyed and annulled, the wife may conceive and become impregnated from the exhausting and exciting efforts of her husband, whose vital force is but a shade or shadow of its former self; for if she is healthy and strong, and of a true and affectionate disposition, this condition upon her part will partially make up for his weakness and pregnation may take place. However, as a rule, the offspring of this man is weak and highly susceptible to disease, and its chances of living and developing into a fine, healthy child are very small. Many of these children, by a wise provision of nature, perish and die before or after birth, others exist for a longer or shorter time, and the miserable father is forced to witness and see his child suffer from ill health and other conditions for which he alone is responsible. The Holy Scriptures inform man and woman that they are to multiply and increase the people of the earth. Those who, by self-defilement, make themselves incapable of fulfilling this command are made to regret it as long as they live.

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