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This explanation and knowledge will be like unto a revelation to many men who have suffered, as has been stated here, without knowing the real cause of their nervousness and depressed spirits. Every man who has suffered from nervous debility has noticed that the urine which he has passed during the night contains cloudy secretions. These secretions are without any question whatsoever the seed which has escaped from their ducts as stated above. Thousands of married men, who have never practiced this baneful act, but have indulged none too moderately, have never suspected the source of their oncoming weakness and debility. However, once this fact has been revealed to them, they at once recognize its truthfulness. There is no doubt but that the draining and wasting of the seed, of which they have been entirely unconscious, has been and is the direct cause of so much misery and untold suffering among married men.
There is no disease known in the annals of medicine which brings such genuine misery and terrible mental anguish and suffering as sexual weakness and nervous debility. However, upon reflection, this is not to be marveled at, for we must remember that these diseases are the direct result of self-defilement, which is a polluting, soul-damning, disgusting and shameful practice, being in its very nature the most monstrous, filthy and unnatural crime that is known to man.
A crime that so completely prostitutes and debases the soul of him who commits it that nature stretches forth its hand, in shame and outraged fury, to take away and deprive the one guilty of this monstrous act, of natural venereal inclination and desire toward the opposite sex. And it is well that nature has made so wise a provision and destroyed or annulled conjugal affection and natural desire in the miserable being who has lost all manly and virtuous feeling, and who can only contemplate the gloomy and morbid spectre of wrecked manhood. Small indeed is the comfort or satisfaction which fills the mind of a man who reflects in solitude and silent contemplation upon his acts that have sapped his vitality and manhood and blighted his life before he has reached the half-mile stone in his earthly existence.
Enervated and broken in health and spirits by his acts of self-defilement, his sunken eyes, stooped and wasting body, with it decaying and impaired vitality, become the objects of his morbid thoughts and silent meditation. That the mentality of the sensualist soon shows that it is affected need not be wondered at when it is considered that the mind is forced to contemplate and dwell on the dark and shattered hopes of the past and future. No member of either sex can ever practice this fearful habit and escape its terrible effects. Some believe that if it is only committed at long or infrequent intervals that they will not be injured or will ever feel its effects ; but this is a mistake, for once the soul is defiled and the mind contaminated the passions become the master and the man or woman the slave until they are cured. Many a young man and woman know to their sorrow the truth of the above statement, for they cannot forget how their memory, their mind, their health and strength have shown the terrible effects of their folly. Some will tell you that they have almost or about stopped the habit, others who, while they were younger, gave away to it, have discontinued it, but nevertheless the harm has been done and the seed escapes from its glands and is wasted in the urine. This has affected the nerves and the mind so that the body becomes weakened and some good sexual remedy is needed to tone up and invigorate the nerves, veins, ducts and glands of the sex organs. Then, and only then, will the vital fluid cease to waste itself, and if this is not done without delay, impotency, sterility, sexual weakness and nervous debility will result, accompanied with many ills and physical and mental disorders.
The man who suffers from nervous debility knows not that healthy and peaceful repose of mind and self-confidence that should be his forte and assist him in meeting and overcoming the difficulties and vexations of life. Instead his mind and nervous system is continually harassed and aggravated by that awful, mournful certitude he has acquired, that each hour, each day, each week, each month, and each year of his life and unhappy existence will be more miserable and forbidding than the previous one has been.
One young man who had been so unfortunate as to acquire this accursed habit, which quickly ruined his health and peace of mind, informed the writer that he was on the verge of insanity and more than once contemplated self-destruction, when he saw the offer to send this book to him.
He, after perusing its pages, said that he felt impressed with our frankness and sincerity to help him. Today he is greatly benefited and feels this work has been the means of saving him from a suicide’s grave or a life of misery. This same young man has since married and is the proud father of two healthy boys, who, it is safe to say, will never become, through sheer ignorance, blind victims to their passions, for their father’s lesson was a cruel and hard one and he has a well-defined intention, so he has informed the writer, of making his sons acquainted with the terrible results of this baneful habit, and warn them of its awful effect before it is too late.
Owing to so many bright young men and women becoming helpless victims of the habit through sheer ignorance, the writer would suggest early education of both sexes regarding sexual abuses as a potent remedy against their commission. Young men and women, and even boys and girls approaching puberty, have got to have sex education before these obnoxious conditions can be rectified.
Most boys and girls fall before they know how to stand.
We have all heard some people remark that only those of a weak mind and intellect are guilty of this habit. This of course is a mistake, for many a bright and brilliant career has been wrecked by it; but who is able to say whether or not there was-no chance to save the one who became a victim of this terrible habit if he had received the proper advice and warning before it was too late? Of course the writer is not constrained to deny that, after this practice has been continued for some time, the will, as well as the mind, becomes impaired, and a cure cannot be effected without strengthening the mentality and also renewing the will power.

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