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“Like unto the writing on the wall at Belshazzar’s Feast.” Contains Spiritual Wisdom, Knowledge and Advice, which ii of enormous value and Importance to every man, and these marvelous writings are bequeathed as a legacy to the Sincere man, who will do well to heed the “Writing on the Wall” in the Moral, Social and Commercial Arena of today, and he will profit and do well to heed the warnings contained therein, for he will discover within its pages the Wisdom, Advice and Knowledge for which Sis Soul has cried aloud within Into for many years.


Author of Manual of Disease and Modern Medicine Hygienic Medicine, The Natural Cure System — A Book on Lung Complaint — Self Guide for All Men — Diseases of the Stomach and Digestive Organs — A Book for Married Women — Bneumatism, Its Symptoms, Treatment and Cure — Vegetarian and Whole Meal Cookery Book — The Human Body, Its Diseases and Treatment— The Healing Power of Nature — Health, Wealth, Disease and Death — The Laws of Health — Care Thyself, How to Deal With Troublesome Complaints — The Book of Tanjore — (For Men) — Standard Medical Work.



Thia Famous Book was formerly published as “The Book of Tanjore,” By request it has been revised, enlarged and republished under its present title for the exclusive use of young and middle aged men.
Its author being an eminent authority on the Mentality of Mankind; The nature and possibilities of the Human Soul and Mind, as well as Evil Passions and Sensuality, their relation to, and influence over the Mind, Soul and Physical Body in both Disease and Health, this work will be found A Guide to All Men.
On the opposite page is shown the sensualist in the bounds of his “Unholy Passions,” showing in the back- ground the Vultures of Remorse and Regret, ready to prey upon, and devour the soul. In the background is also shown Hope sinking out of sight as is also the last ray of Sunlight, leaving in their stead, the Mournful Certitude and Darkness of Despair, Insanity or Death.
This young man, while chained by the demon of his baneful acts, is thinking hard, bitterly— But too late. He has failed to think in time.
Thought, Self Control, and Real Will Power is all that can save. Thought, Will Power, Confidence, Belief, True Faith and Realization in one’s ability to overcome things conquers, and solves life’s problems; but only Thought and True Faith controls the will power.
When Will Power and Faith are weak, thought and thinking hard and bitterly comes too late. Are you going to use the power of true Faith to improve your health, to clear your mind, to solve problems and protect yourself from your evil desires and be a benefit to the human race, or are you to hesitate and waste, wonder, lament and delay until it is too late as with the young man shown on opposite page.
Whether you be young or old, realize now that your only salvation, your only hope, your only chances in life, are all in the exercise of faith and your will power.
How much will you use that power of true faith to control yourself? How long are you going to wait to use it efficiently to curb your lewd thoughts?
To what extent are you now, after reading this book, going to control your animal forces and evil passions? The picture on opposite page shows the man of sorrow and of weakness, pitifully and bitterly thinking of his great mistake; but his power of Faith is gone.
Thought comes too late to save him.
“Can a man take fire to his bosom, And his clothes not be burned?”— Prov. 6-27.
“Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go; keep her; for she is thy life”— Prov. 4-13.

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