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In the Books of Holy Scripture we and, in Genesis, Chapter 30, verses 14, 15, 16, 17, the Testicles spoken of and directly referred to as Mandrakes. The testes (Testicles from testicule, Accus. Of testiculus, dimin. from testes, a testicle). “Anat. One of the two glands which Secretes the Seminal fluid in males.” The testicles proper, as stated above, are the glands which secrete the Seminal fluid in males. They are protected by the Scrotum, which is the bag or external tegumentary covering enclosing the Testes in the higher mammals. In man it is subject to a distinct disease known as chimney-sweep ’s cancer, from the liability of that class to suffer from it. Other diseases are hypertrophy, erysipelas, inflammatory edema, and tumors of the scrotum. Testes miliebres is an ancient name for the ovaries; from the old notion that semen was secreted by females as well as by males. The Testes generate and secrete the Semen and are kept in a vigorous, strong and healthy state when properly supplied with healthy blood from the abdominal aorta.


Insanity and also Suicide (that great unpardonable and desperate deed of despair) have their source and origin in an imperfect and weakened state of the Testicles and Sexual forces; therefore, from this is to be gained an idea of the vital importance which men in every age have attached to the proper performance of these functions, and when, by self-abuse or excess, they have been weakened, the terrible consequence will surely fall and descend onto him who is to blame. There are cases on record where the Testicles are more than two in number. However, sometimes only one is found. This is caused by the one of the Testes being withheld or retained in the abdominal canal. In Calcutta, India, there is a young man of great strength and fine physique who has four well-developed Testicles. Another case which is known to the physicians of a certain hospital is where a man of middle age upon examination was thought to have only one Testes, but upon a closer examination the other one was found to be retained in the abdomen, as stated above. The Spermatic cord is connected at the upper end of the Testicles. The glands or vessels proper for the semen are located on the lower outside surface of the bladder.
‘These glands also contain a transparent fluid in which the Semen proper is floated and projected during the act of ejaculation. The Prostate gland is a delicate and highly sensitive organ, consequently very susceptible to inflammation and certain diseases. It is somewhat larger than an ordinary hickory nut, passes in front of the bladder and also a portion of the urethra. The Prostate gland generates a transparent mucilaginous substance which moistens the Urethra, through which the Semen is ejaculated during intercourse. Whenever the Prostate gland is even slightly diseased, or any inflammation whatsoever has been started therein, normal copulation is greatly interfered with and causes annoyance, dissatisfaction, and even very severe pain.
Where there is any sexual weakness the Seminal fluid is very often wasted with little effort of lewd imagination, especially at night when the patient is asleep. This, of course, as is well known, will bring about impotence and greatly diminishes man’s vitality. Medical men have been known to treat cases of this nature, where a permanent wasting of seminal fluid is present, as venereal diseases. Their ignorance, of course, has been very disastrous to their patient.
The male organ of generation is composed of a root, body, and extremity, forming with the Testes and their appendages. The gland resembles a figure of a true cone; the interior is composed of a very delicate and highly sensitive set of nerves peculiar unto themselves. When these nerves and the whole male organ of generation of man are in a normal condition he generally enjoys good physical and mental health. However, it is to be regretted that many young men, as well as those during middle age, are so weak that they are unable to properly perform the function for which their organs were created. This, of course, is due to a general deficiency of Sexual force and vitality. This condition has been brought about and super induced by that terrible state of mind and mental attitude which results from abuse and excesses, and unless this abnormal state is properly understood from a mental as well as a physical standpoint the chances of its cure are very small.
The glans-penis is covered by a foreskin, which during ancient times and even to this day is removed by an operation which is known as Circumcision, which means to cut off the prepuce foreskin of males; also to perform an analogous operation on females. Circumcision is spoken of in the Scriptures and refers to rendering Spiritual and Holy by, as it were, cut- ting away the sins. “And the Lord thy God will circumcise thy heart, and the heart of thy seed.”— Deut. xxx. Circumcision, strictly speaking, is the act or Rite of cutting off the foreskin in males, also an analogous operation on females; a Rite practiced not only by the Jews in ancient times, but by the Egyptians, Idumeans, Ammonites, Moabites, and Ishmaelites of the desert. The Jew’s practice circumcision only on males; the Arabs, Egyptians, and Persians circumcise both sexes.
Erection of the organ may be caused or superin- duced by an unusual amount of urine in the bladder, which causes it to distend and is often present upon arst awakening in the morning. The male organ proper being composed of a very delicate and sensi- tive system of nerves, is directly under the control of the mental or vital forces of man, and where there is any diminution of physical force, the organs are quick to manifest it by impotence and a weakened state. During normal health and proper sexual vitality the erectile nerves and muscles of the male organ during the act of coition become extended, and the seed, which is under the direct control of the mental forces of the mind, is ejaculated at this time. If man is in a proper state of sexual health, this act will in no sense of the word diminish his strength or mental force, but if ejaculation is caused by Morbid Imagination or night emissions take place during sleep, as a result of an evil dream, the whole physical body and the mental forces of man become weakened.
Semen, a word taken from Latin (seed, from the same root as sere to sow).
Semen, properly speaking, is the seed or proliac fluid of the male, or sperm; the secretion of a testicle; also spoken of and referred to as the seed of plants, or the matured ovule.
The Semen of a healthy male is a thick, clotty, mucilaginous, whitish substance, or fluid, with a peculiar odor, consisting in whole of a transparent fluid known as spermatic, or pertaining to and conveying the Semen, and the Spermatozoon, which are the moving, active constituents of the Seminal fluid. The Spermatozoon proper consists of a head, a rod- shaped middle piece, and a long, hair-like tail, by the vibratile motion of which they move in a spiral manner. Cold arrests their movements, and they may be deprived of vitality (the power of fecundation) in various ways. They were at first regarded as parasite and classified as Helminthes or Infusoria, and Von Baer maintained this view as late as 1835. Von Siebold discovered them in many vertebrates, but Kolliker was the first to recognize them as definite histological elements arising within the testes.
These Spermatozoon escape from their glands and are wasted and lost in the urine during stool, when a man is weak sexually; this, of course, weakens him accordingly, both mentally and physically, and he had far better have lost so much blood; but he cannot escape this loss if his organs have become weakened by violating nature’s laws, for, if he has practiced self- defilement, thereby bringing about his own weakened condition, he must surely answer for his sin.
Spermatozoon are never found in the transparent fluid generated in the male before puberty, but only after this period. However, they are always found after puberty, and never disappear until very old age is reached or until man has lost his ability or power to procreate his kind. By and through the act of excesses or self-defilement they become weakened, less active, and greatly diminished in numbers, and in some cases disappear entirely. This, of course, unfits man for marriage, as well as bringing about his dejection and downfall.
During copulation the female receives the Spermatozoon, or seed of the male, into the uterus (this, however, does not, as a rule, occur after ten or twelve days have passed since the last menstruational period), where it becomes connected with and merges itself with the ovum, causing conception or pregnancy.
The ovum within the uterus of the female is a germ produced within the ovary, and capable of developing into a new individual. It first appears as a very minute granule and globule, not surrounded by a cell wall. As it enlarges, a smaller spherical globule is formed in its interior. The external globule is called the germinal vesicle, the inner the germinal spot. Next a cell wall appears around the germinal vesicle, but separated from it by a certain interval, within which is a liquid containing globules of sarcode, the mass developing into the yolk. Then the vitelline membrane appears outside the yolk. There being little yolk in the human ovum, it is of smaller size than those of the inferior animals. It is a spherical body, about 1-120 of an inch in diameter. It was arst discovered by Von Baer in 1827. The germinal vesicle is 1-720, and the germinal spot 1-3,000 of an inch in diameter.
Pregnancy is the quality or state of being pregnant, or with child; also the state of a female who has conceived or is with child. The law under a plea of pregnancy provides that—If a woman, being pregnant, is convicted of a capital crime, the execution of the sentence is delayed until after the birth of the child. There is no doubt whatever that sexual weakness and self-defilement are the frequent and direct causes of many cases of insanity and suicide. However, this will be considered in another chapter in this work, for it is a law that self-defilement is like unto a curse to him who becomes so weak-minded and loses his self-control to the extent of practicing Onanism (masturbation). Again, thousands of men, both old and young, and also women, suffer from nervous debility without knowing it. Their mental, sexual, and vital forces have become undermined and weakened so slowly and surely that they have not realized that they are pitiful and helpless victims of their excesses.
They think that their health and sexual powers are normal and that they are only just a little bit nervous. However, it is a law that any weakening of the mental or sexual forces will surely in time result in man’s wandering from the soundness of judgment, and he will quickly show that mental aberration which is so conspicuous in the insane and those who commit suicide, and unless the proper treatment is sought and obtained these terrible results must surely follow, as it is a patent fact that the mental and physical weakness which results from Self-defilement, Sensualism, and Excesses is in many cases the direct cause of Insanity, Suicide, and Premature Death.
To prove this I shall cite here the case of a young man who is a bookkeeper in a well-known bank, being 24 years of age when he wrote to me telling me that he was troubled with undue and extreme nervousness, that any jar or sudden noise was sure to irritate and bother him. His general condition of health, so he stated, seemed to be good. His appetite also appeared good, there being times that he felt that he could scarcely wait until he got his meals, and if he did not obtain them on time he would get weak, nervous, and trembling. This in itself indicated some serious trouble or loss in his system. However, to be brief, this young man had through Self-defilement brought on himself vital weakness. I sent him a copy of the book and knew that it would show him the horrible and terrible consequences of his unnatural and beastly acts. He wrote advising that he would send for a box of “TANJORE,” that famous East India Remedy, and try a month’s treatment. However, he neglected to do so. He wrote again in about thirty days, saying that he had been bordering on Insanity and Death, and was barely able to leave his bed. I advised him as a friend and good Samaritan to at least try a course of treatment by taking “TAN- JORE.” He did so, and inside of two months all nervousness and weakness had entirely left him. He had also regained his sexual power and activity and was very loud in his praise for this famous East India Remedy, known as “TANJORE.”

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