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Most every physician and professional man has during his career seen the terrible results and effects of sexual weakness and self-abuse, and, pitiful to relate, many cases are the result of ignorance of the horrible effects of this abuse of the sex power.
In consequence of the same the writer feels it his duty to show the young men of this country the awful results and effects of the sin of self-defilement, that, filthy and unnatural habit, by and through which hundreds of young men and women defile their souls and bodies by yielding to their passions and sensual thoughts, thinking that because they commit this act in secret or privacy they can escape the all-seeing eye of God, and procure unto themselves those conditions which nature and God has only intended to be participated in a legitimate way.
Nature will not permit man or woman to outrage its laws or defile their souls and bodies without exacting and demanding of them a penalty for their sin, and the result or penalty of self-defilement is without question one that is most awful and terrible in its nature.
The penalty for self-abuse and excesses brings to the victim conditions of mind and body that are such that he can scarcely endure them and many times he seeks relief in suicide or his mind and body become so weakened and exhausted he either fills a premature grave or goes insane, for his mentality becomes disordered and the organs of his body give away to disease and he at last perishes in the fury and flames of abnormal passions which have got far beyond his control.


The terrible record of self-murder (suicide) in the United States during the year of 1905 is appalling, and one of the most lamentable features of the year’s record of violence.
This record shows only too plainly that suicide in this country is steadily increasing.
Another striking feature is the fact that there were almost twice as many men as women who destroyed themselves by self-murder during the past year.
However, all past records show that twice as many men as women commit suicide. This is because self-abuse and sexual weakness are more prevalent among men than women.
The number of poor human souls that went down to a suicide’s grave during the year of 1905 was 10,342. Of this number, 4,134 killed themselves while despondent. Those who suffer from vital weakness or sexual depravity always grow despondent.
There were 1,826 people who killed themselves while insane. Self-abuse, sexual weakness and impotency affect the mind and mental forces and cause insanity quicker than any known agency. There were 1,525 persons who committed suicide because of domestic infelicity.
Domestic infelicity always has its first origin in sexual incapacity or sensuality. There were 958 people who, destroyed themselves because of disappointment in love.
It is a well-known fact that those who are weak sexually have very little, if any, success in winning the love of another. There were 411 who committed this great unpardonable deed of despair because of ill health.
There is no disease which so quickly undermines the health as impotency and nervous debility, while those who are strong sexually never suffer from ill health, or a broken down nervous system or constitution.
Despondency . . . . . .4,134
Insanity . . . . . . . . . .1,826
Domestic infelicity . . . . . . . . 1,525
Disappointment in love . . . . . . . . . . . . 958
Unknown . . . . . . . . . 721
Ill health . . . . . . . . . 411
Liquor . . . . . . . . . . . 375
Business Losses . . . . . . . 32
Poison was the most common agency of destruction, 4,732 persons having taken that route into the hereafter. Besides these, 2,861 shot themselves, 1,022 used the rope, 868 drowned themselves, 706 cut their throats, 45 threw themselves in front of trains, and 44 out of windows or from roofs; 23 burned themselves to death, 28 stabbed themselves, 10 blew themselves up with dynamite, and 3 starved themselves.
Chapters might be written and records and statistics produced to show that self-murder (suicide) has its origin and cause in sexual weakness and sexual depravity.
The insane, among us today, are increasing three times as fast as our population. In England, one out of every 285 is insane. In the state of New York there are 26,000 in the insane asylums. The state of Wisconsin contains three thousand epileptics. It is estimated that there are a million of various classes of men who are defective mentally in this country. Self-defilement lowers the physical capabilities and also lowers the mental tone of man or woman.
The sensualist and masturbator has a weakened will and mind; they are incapable of making a final decision because they cannot reason clearly. They become a victim and prey to their impulses. All their passions and thoughts are equally abnormal and excitable owing to the fact that their power of self-control has been lost.
The Holy Scriptures declare that the curse causeless shall not come.
“As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.”— Proverbs 26:2.
The young men and women who have polluted and tainted their souls by self-defilement are a far greater menace to this country’s welfare than tainted money or white slavery, of which we have heard so much of late.
The leading authorities on this subject in this country consider self-defilement and sensualism quite as formidable a social plague as another venereal disease known as syphilis, and estimate that the number of suicides arising, directly or indirectly, from these baneful habits will annually equal the combined death rate from typhoid fever, pneumonia and tuberculosis.
That suicide is steadily and surely on the increase in this country will be shown by a study of the following table, which is correct. This table gives the number of suicides each year dating back to the year of 1899:
1899 ……….. .. 5,340
1900 ……….. .. 6,755
1901 ……….. .. 7,245
1902 ……….. .. 8,291
1903 ……….. .. 8,597
1904 ……….. .. 9,240
1905 ……….. ..10,342

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