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It is well for the reader to understand and be able to draw an intelligent distinction between Impotency and Sterility. (Sterility is referred to in Genesis, 29 Chap., 30-31 Vrs.)
Sterility, strictly speaking, is a quality or state of being Sterile or Barren, which means unproductiveness or unfruitfulness, which, in itself, means want or absence of power of producing young. This also implies incapacity to procreate. Impotency in itself means physical inability by a man or woman for copulation, and “Incurable impotence,” at the time of marriage, may be pleaded as a reason for nullity, for, one who is deficient in sexual activity, is weak, feeble and destitute of power to have normal copulation. Consequently an impotent man is an undesirable owing to his inability to properly perform his duties as a husband.
Sterility as stated above, is present even though the man has sexual force enough to perform the act of copulation. However, his seed has no life or strength, consequently it produces barrenness.
Impotency has its direct cause and origin in excesses or self-defilement, and if it happens that the facts of this horrible and debasing practice have not been manifested, by producing any abnormal condition of health or disease in the body of the one who has become its victim, Impotence is nevertheless present, for this disease consists of a deficiency of vital power, involuntary or delayed emissions, and also impoverished condition of the semen. There is also a deficiency of venereal desire owing to the nervous and weakened condition of the entire system. Of course it is to be understood and known that excesses will also bring about and cause impotence not alone in man but also in the female.


During coition the seed is prematurely ejaculated or involuntary emissions occur three or four times a week—in fact, the sight of a nude picture or even a woman is sufficient to arouse the weak imagination. Venereal desire very seldom manifests itself, and when it does it is of slight duration owing to the fact that the passions and mind of the man are diseased and weakened by the seed having, in the past, escaped and wasted away. As stated above, impotence may plead as a reason for nullifying marriage and no man has any right to marry while in this terrible state, for it is his solemn duty to save an affectionate and innocent woman from the curse and anguish of his own self-defilement, for this in itself unfits him for marriage and he should, instead of contemplating marriage or entering matrimony, seek a proper remedy that will cure him and give him back his strength and manliness before he dares to approach the altar with his bride. If he fails to do this he will curse the day he was born and his marriage bed will be converted into a curse instead of a blessing. His defrauded wife will soon realize hi8weakness and the sins of his terrible acts and past life of sensuality, for when she realizes that she has married a man that is not able to procreate and whose efforts to do so are feeble, she will shrink from his embrace and her health and happiness will fade away in her anxiety and desire for a child and that warm love which every true woman craves.
However, if sexual activity and vital power has not been entirely burned up by unholy passion and involuntary emissions, the wife may become pregnant from the weak and nervous efforts of her husband. This weakness will be inherited by her child, which will be puny and sickly owing to her having become pregnant from a weakened husband whose seed was impoverished. I will cite here for the benefit of the reader still another case which has been brought to my attention. A man in Denver, Colo., had for some time been losing his sexual activity, and, not receiving results from his family physician, he decided to try the famous East India Remedy known as “TANJORE.” He confessed to me that he had a well-sexed and affectionate wife and, he himself being of a passionate temperament, had indulged to excess and to such an extent that he was suffering from nervous debility and that recently he scarcely experienced any venereal desire. This, together with the morbid mental state which had come over him, unfitted him to carry on his business, and preyed so heavily on his mind that he was fearful that he would ultimately become insane, and as he expressed an earnest wish to try this wonderful remedy I advised him to do so. He continued the treatment as directed for one month, and then ordered another box of “TANJORE,” to be taken three doses a day. In about a month I received word from him stating that ‘‘I am a wonder and astonishment to my wife, children and friends owing to my wonderful change and renewed vitality and health. My appetite is better than it has been for years. I am wonderfully improved mentally, physically and sexually far beyond my expectations, and the ‘ bene ft that I have derived from “TANJORE’’ is almost incredible.
The loss of vital fluid which always occurs from self-defilement, sensuality or excesses is not always the same with every man. Some will become only partly impotent, and with great e fort they are able to “stall” along, but when this does happen there is a condition of disgust and indifference on the part of the wife. In some cases where the seed is impoverished the man at long intervals is able to have connection, for his organs, although weak, are not completely disabled, and, with proper, judicious treatment, this threatened total disability may be cured, but prompt treatment is the great -essential, for if improper treatment i taken the case becomes worse, as the failure of cure will have a bad effect and suggestion on the mind of the patient. In these cases “TANJORE” has proved a God’s blessing.

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