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The facts of this case are very plain and simple, for the debased and morbid condition of his mind, which had been caused by Self-abuse, affected his whole nervous system. The great loss also of seed by Night Emissions and also in his urine had been such a drain on his vitality that it had sapped all of his nerve force. The digestive organs had been called upon to perform more than their ordinary amount of work, as nature was seeking some means to supply the loss, consequently the digestive system broke down under the great strain and effort it was making to supply this loss to the system, and when the stomach became affected his whole nervous system went to pieces, having no strength or vitality left to overcome the disease, and in his case Insanity and Suicide were only warded off by careful attention to the advice contained in this book and a thorough course of treatment by “TANJORE.’ ’
This young man’s case is similar to many that are brought daily to my attention. Almost any disease is liable to manifest itself after the nervous system has been affected by this vile habit, even though the habit has been discontinued, for the system will never regain its former strength and vitality unless a thorough course of treatment is taken. Still another case where “Tanjore” has proved its wonderful worth is that of a young man of about 30 years of age who had practiced the solitary habit while in College, but had abandoned the practice for about five years, in the meantime having indiscriminate intimate relations with the opposite sex. The consequence of this and his previous habits had brought on a weakened condition of his organs and there was a continued waste of the Spermatozoon during stool. This, of course, brought on Spermatorhe, but after a course of treatment by “TANJORE” all waste of Semen in the urine was stopped and he was once more strong and healthy, physically, mentally, and sexually.

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