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Spermatorrhea, from a pathological standpoint, is a real or apparent discharge of Seminal Fluid, without voluntary venereal excitement. It is of two kinds: (1) True, in which discharges of Spermatozoon occurs. (2) False, or Prostatorrhea , in which a Fluid, clearer and more tenacious than the seminal Fluid, and destitute of Spermatozoon, is discharged.
This disease, which makes its victim a pitiful sufferer, consists of a continuous involuntary loss of Semen in the urine and by unconscious emissions during sleep. Spermatorrhea quickly presents itself in every variety and nature of nervous disease in men, for whenever the nervous system is affected the Semen escapes from its glands into the Testes.
That the presence of the Semen strengthens and invigorates man’s system is indicated by the change that takes place in a young man’s life at the age of puberty, for when his organs begin to generate and secrete the semen his voice becomes firm and strong, the beard starts to grow on his face, and his muscles soon acquire firmness and great strength, his whole body changing to a more convincing and manly appearance.
Nothing, not even the loss of blood from one’s veins, would prove as destructive to the vitality and strength as the unnatural loss of semen, for this loss depletes the nervous system more than would fifty times the loss of the same amount of blood.
This loss and terrible drain on the system soon affects the mind and brain, for the seed, as stated above, is an essential element and force to the nervous system, consequently it can be readily understood how its loss by Self-defilement and excesses, which are unnatural, leaves the system and organs in an impotent and depleted condition.
There is most certainly no doubt of the great importance of this Fluid being properly secreted and retained; neither is there any question of the terrible results and horrible consequences which surely follow its premature and unnatural loss, wasting, or unconscious evacuation during sleep.
The seed of the male is a life and strength giving element, and upon man’s ability to generate and retain healthy seed depends his health and happiness, for it has been designated to him to carry out and fulfill the process of reproduction and procreate his kind. The fact of profuse losses at stool and by unnatural evacuations by nocturnal dreams has been given very little attention by the doctors, owing to the fact that the reputable physician does not care to identify himself with the specialists and quacks who fill the daily papers and magazines with advertisements.
However, the fact of these quacks existing in such large numbers only proves the existence of this terrible disease and the horrible suffering it entails on thousands of men of every age. Of course, it is a fact that these pitiful victims of their own folly often seek the advice of these quacks for that relief which they can only obtain by a proper course of treatment. This book extends a helping hand and suggests a remedy that will prove a Godsend to those of suffering mankind who have been abandoned by the regular physician and left to the mercy of the specialist and dishonest empirics.
“He who covereth his sins shall not prosper; but those whosoever confesseth and forsake them shall be happy.”—Proverb, 28-13.

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