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It is a well-known fact that excessive indulgence produces weakness and Nervous Debility. This debility and nervousness is caused by the loss of the seed from the system and the nervous exhaustion following the act of ejaculation.
Ejaculation of the seed by unnatural habits affects the nervous system, owing to the abnormal manner in which it has been caused and also because he who has become a victim to this terrible habit has already depleted his vitality and strength so that his nervous system is in no condition to stand the shock and excitement which this act produces on both his mind and nerves. Again, this habit affects the mind and imagination so that in time involuntary, spontaneous emissions occur during sleep so often that the poor unfortunate and pitiful soul becomes more weakened and despondent.
This, together with the continual evacuation and loss of vital Fluid while passing the urine or straining at stool, tends to destroy and paralyze the strength of the organs completely, as well as to make the victim a miserable, pitiful, dejected, and despondent wreck of his former self—a morbid automaton, as it were.
An ancient and learned Hindu sage published in Sanskrit a treatise on this terrible disease which, when translated, attracted great attention in India, China, and Europe and caused many to investigate its nature and seek out a proper remedy for its cure. The properties of the remedy suggested here, which is known as “TANJORE,” have been known and used among the Hindus of Northern and Central India for centuries.
It will be readily seen from what has been written here that Nervous Debility, Sexual Weakness, and Spermatorrhcea, as well as Impotence, are caused, first, by unlawful defilement or excesses; second, by frequent unconscious and involuntary evacuations of the seed; third, by excessive, selfish indulgence and Sensuality.

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