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The outward symptoms which always accompany this terrible disease are at times overlooked by the patient until he is forced to consult a physician or seek a remedy; for he realizes that his digestion and even his brain and mental forces are becoming affected. This last symptom is very common among Sensualists and those who practice this evil habit, and indeed one need not hesitate to declare that in most of the cases who apply to us for treatment, that the general system has been completely undermined, indeed, so much so, that the patient appears greatly emaciated, and exceedingly nervous. His skin is either ruptured with pimples or dry and parched, wrinkled, muddy and cloudy in appearance. His healthy look and color is gone, his eyes are hollow, dull and sunken, with dark, ominous circles underneath, while his whole appearance, manner and conduct imply and indicate nervousness and undue anxiety.
He is constipated, his stomach cannot digest strong food or drink, owing to his bowels being deranged. Performing the function of his sex, with any degree of satisfaction, has become to him impossible, owing to the weakened condition of his organs. Discharge of the Fluid is either premature or only takes place after an unsatisfactory and tiresome effort, and is attended with irritating difficulty and extreme nervous exhaustion.
He becomes, owing to his continuous brooding over his condition, despondent, morbid, morose and peevish; shuns his fellow men and the society of the opposite sex, sinking deeper and deeper into a state of melancholy and mental aberration.
The glory of young men is strength; and the beauty of old men is the gray head.” —Proverbs, 21-29.
Nervous Debility unfits him to properly control his mind and direct his thoughts or mental forces and he loses his Personal Magnetism and Influence over his fellow men and the ladies of his acquaintance. The memory is affected, and he no longer knows what a good night’s sleep means, for, being easily worried, he exists continually in a state of nervousness and fear.
His whole manner and conduct is that of a soul that is guilty of a monstrous crime.
“As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.’’—Proverbs, 36-11. Other Symptoms, of course, are present; in fact, they are so varied and numerous that it becomes almost impossible to accurately enumerate them. However, the following are given with the hope that they will be the means of pointing out the terrible error of man’s folly and the curse of Self-defilement.

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