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  • Involuntary emissions while passing urine.
  • Involuntary emissions while at stool.
  • Involuntary emissions while asleep.
  • Involuntary emissions without proper extension of the organ.
  • Losses due to partial extension.
  • Involuntary emissions while in the presence of the opposite sex.
  • Losses due to nocturnal dreams.
  • Eruptions and pimples on face and body.
  • Premature discharge during copulation.
  • Priapism (morbid tension of the male genital organ).
  • Decrease of Sexual Power.
  • Only partial development of the organs of generation.
  • Inability to have a proper extension of the erectile tissue.
  • Diminution of erectile force.

The above symptoms are at times accompanied with various kinds of diseases——that is to say, that when the system, vital and mental forces of a man or woman, have been weakened by Excesses or Self-defilement, disease can very easily get a hold in their system and, owing to its weakened state, will be very hard to cure. If a man who has not been guilty of abuse of his organs had only a cold on his lungs, or in his kidneys, it would quickly yield to the ordinary treatment, but if the lungs or kidneys had been impaired and weakened by excesses or emissions the ordinary means of treatment would fail to bring about a cure and, until by the proper medicine or remedy the primary cause has been removed, the trouble would only increase.
Any disease of the Stomach, Lungs, Kidneys or other Functions and Organs of the body, which has its origin or primary cause in Spermatorrhoea (sexual weakness), cannot be cured by the ordinary physician or remedies, unless all unnatural losses of vital fluid are, by some good specific remedy, stopped entirely; for nature cannot give health and strength to an individual whose system is continuously being drained of its vitality.
Self-abuse, plainly speaking, is the act of polluting or defiling (defilement). The state of being polluted or defiled; uncleanliness, impurity, deflement. It is also that which pollutes or defiles man by causing the emission of seed at other times than during coition. The folly of youth disqualifes a person for intercourse with his fellow men, rendering him unft for sacred uses.
Impotence, Sexual Weakness, Nervous Debility, Premature and Involuntary Ejaculation afects and impairs every Organ, every Function, every Nerve, every Sensation and every Muscle in the body of a man as well as causing mental aberration.
The man who continues the act of Masturbation or indulges in excesses will surely grow cadaverous in appearance and act in a cadaverous manner.

The victim and sufferer of the above diseases always show and experience the following symptoms: Cadaverous appearances of the face and body.

  • Sleeplessness.
  • Loss of Personal Magnetism.
  • Condition of anxiety.
  • Defciency of energy.
  • Want of frmness in action.
  • Want of frmness in voice.
  • Poor eyesight.
  • No concentration of energy.
  • Hearing afected. Easily excited.
  • Aversion for the society of either sex.
  • Bashfulness.
  • Easily fatigued.
  • Condition of Lassitude.
  • Catarrh.
  • Muscular Rheumatism.
  • Sensitive to changes in the weather.
  • Bleary eyes.
  • Bowels constipated.
  • Pallor of face.
  • Heart affected.
  • Lungs easily affected.
  • Extreme nervousness.
  • Poor appetite.
  • Deficiency of confidence.
  • Inability to carry on or direct a conversation.
  • Sense of loneliness.
  • Desire of being alone.
  • Unable to fix the attention or mind on any particular business or object.
  • Entire loss of Personal InÀuence.
  • Deficiency of courage.
  • Spirits easily depressed.
  • Poor memory.
  • Pains in the back.
  • Pains in different parts of the body.
  • Weak and nervous after sleeping.
  • Nocturnal and lascivious dreams.
  • Quarrelsome nature, etc.

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