Story 2

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About six years ago, I was sitting round my friend’s house. My friend lived in a pretty average house, probably about 50 or 60 years old. The only thing that wasn’t average about the house was the fact that it was built on an old army base.

Now, I had been told about strange things that had happened in the house. From noises in the bathtub at night, as though a child was splashing around, even though there was no one there – to the feeling of someone sitting on people’s beds and grabbing their legs, rendering them immobile.

I had never experienced anything, but I always felt as though something wasn’t quite right. Like there was someone watching me.

My friend’s family members all had something called ESP or Extra Sensory Perception. I didn’t, so I put the fact that I hadn’t experienced anything down to me not possessing this pretty cool Sixth Sense.

Now this happened during the day. Only my friend and I were alone in the house. We were just sitting chatting, not doing anything particularly interesting.

Out of nowhere, this ball of whispering came up to our faces and disappeared. I can’t even begin to explain what that thing was but we were terrified.

We sat there in shock, trying to understand what the hell that thing was. We couldn’t get our heads around it. We were shook.

A few days after this incident, we were back in that room sitting, chatting, trying to forget about what had happened the other day. We had bought a big 20 pack of Coke and had placed it in the centre of a cabinet directly in front of us.

Again, without warning, the Coke FLEW off the cabinet, onto the ground. It was as if someone or something threw it. I guess they weren’t into fizzy drinks..

I can’t say that I ever felt safe in that house again. Oh yeah, and one other thing. My friend’s mum kept toys in one of the bedrooms for her granddaughter. There was one doll who would continuously cry, EVEN AFTER THE BATTERIES HAD BEEN REMOVED.

It’s safe to say, whether you believe in ghosts, spirits, demons or jin, whatever caused all of those things to happen wasn’t to be messed with.


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