Why do some scientists still believe in God?

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I say because the concept of God can be personal with or without religion. As a scientific writer, I accept that there is a First Cause of All There Is. Everything that we see including the self comes from something that sustains it regardless of what it is called.  Scientists know that there is an unseen substance that pervades the universe and all there is. They may not give it a name, but I choose to call it Spirit although it can be called anything, even God.

The order of the universe must be because of the intelligence in every part of it down to the smallest particle imaginable. Of course this includes the self that can make a personal connection with this intelligence. Intelligence responds to intelligence. We know that the animals respond to intelligence and that plants respond to intelligence. According to the ancient mystics, everything responds to thought and there is nothing supernatural because everything is governed by universal laws. What may be called supernatural is only science or law that is yet discovered. There will be no end to scientific discoveries.

All that we see including ourselves comes from spirit which is also called First Cause. Those who insist on only a material-realm reality, are not likely to accept anything beyond the material. As long as we think reality is material-based alone, we will be limited to material-realm thinking. The material realm is merely a lower vibration of spirit and scientists are aware of this.

Science wouldn’t be science if it didn’t look beyond materialism knowing there is nothing supernatural. Science always reaches out for more to test that is beyond materiality. There is a cause and effect for everything, seen or unseen. The big problem is that many people relate the idea of spirit or God only with religion without realizing that there is God without religion. The concept of God as per the definition in this post is also considered All Science (Omniscience) and does not require a religion.

God can be considered as All Science (Omniscience), Spirit, First Cause, All There Is, Infinite Intelligence, Unknowable and Undefinable. God is the Life within man. Without this Life within us, there is no heartbeat, no breath, no thoughts, and no imagination or inspiration for science, philosophy, or religion.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-15-of-scientists-still-believe-in-God-For-an-atheist-science-is-a-top-priority-so-why-do-people-who-have-mastered-the-field-still-believe-there-is-a-supreme-being-called-God/answer/James-Graves-Barakaat

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