5. Bắt đầu hỏi chuyện – tìm hiểu khách hàng thích gì?

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You How was your flight from London?
Visitor Oh, not very good. The weather in London is terrible at the moment. It’s nice to see some sunshine here.
You Yes, it is. How is the hotel?
Visitor It’s very nice. Thank you for organizing it.
You My pleasure. Is this your first time here?
Visitor Yes, this is my first time.
You What should I do in the evening?
Visitor Do you like Spanish food?
You Very much!
Visitor Would you like to try a local restaurant this evening?
You Oh, yes! Very much . Thank you .
Visitor You ‘re welcome. How long are you staying here?
You Until Friday. Then I fly back to London.
Visitor Well, I’ll check where my boss is and tell him you ‘re here.
You Thanks a lot.