9. Gọi điện thoại – yêu cầu nói chuyện với người khác – kiểm tra số điện thoại

Nâng cấp VIP để xem các trang bị khóa và không có quảng cáo.

Jasmine Ah, good morning. Could I speak to Alan Jay, please? … He’s in a meeting . OK, I’ll call back later …. Is 12 o’clock OK? .. . Great! Can you give me his extension number, please? … 8 – 6 – 5 -1. Well, many thanks for your help!
Jasmine Hi, I’d like to speak to Andrea Schmidt, please …. Hello, Ms Schmidt. This is Jasmine Goodman calling from Lewis Engineering …. I’m calling about our meeting next Wednesday in London. I just want to check if that is OK for you . … Good. Well, thanks very much, Ms Schmidt. … See you next week. Goodbye.
Jasmine Hello, my name ‘s Jasmine Goodman from Lowis Engineering. Can you put me through to Mr Johansson, please? … Oh, on a business trip? … Um … can you give me his mobile number, please? … 00 49 1552 8896441. And can you give me his land line number also? … I see, so that’s 00 49 899 315 96021 …. All right. Well, thanks a lot.

Jasmine Could I speak to Mr White, please?
Receptionist I’ll put you through.
White Anton White.
Jasmine Hi Mr White, this is Jasmine Goodman calling from Lowis Engineering .
White Hello, Jasmine.
Jasmine I’m just calling about the meeting next Tuesday at 10 o· clock. I just want to check if the time is OK for you.
White The time is fine.
No problem at all.
Jasmine Oh good! Well, thanks a lot Mr White and see you next week.
White See you then. Bye.
Jasmine Bye.

Receptionist Apelles Hotels how can I help you?
You Hello this is Mary James from Capital Investments.
Can you put me through to Cindy Fox?
Receptionist I’ll put you through .. oh, I’m sorry she’s on a business trip.
You Oh, can you give me her mobile number, please?
Receptionist Yes, of course. It’s 0155 289 6645.
You That’s 0755 289 6645. Well, many thanks. Goodbye.
Receptionist Goodbye.