10. Kiểm tra giao hàng – Giải quyết vấn đề giao hàng – Yêu cầu thông tin

HIỆN TẠI TOÀN BỘ AUDIO SẼ KO THỂ KHÔI PHỤC TỰ ĐỘNG. Mọi người hãy yêu cầu ở đây, ad sẽ ưu tiên xử lý trước.
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Benji’s Benji’s Catering, can I help you?
Jasmine Yeah, this is Jasmine Goodman from Lowis Engineering. I’m calling about an order for food I made for today.
Benji’s Yes?
Jasmine There’s a problem with the lunchtime special executive menu for ten I ordered. You sent the wrong delivery.
Benji ‘s What did you receive?
Jasmine Er, let me see the delivery note. Ah yes, the children’s party special.
Benji’s Ah, I see.
Jasmine Could you pick it up from our office?
Benji’s Yes, of course.
Jasmine And can you give us a refund, please? We really don’t need the lunch special now.


TPS Thank you for calling TPS. To arrange a pickup, press 1. For the latest information on a package sent with TPS, press 2.
Tony TPS, good morning. This is Tony speaking, how can I help you?
Jasmine Oh, hi. My name’s Jasmine Goodman. It’s concerning a package I sent to Singapore. Something’s gone wrong with the delivery. It hasn’t arrived yet.
Tony OK. Can I have your tracking number, please?
Jasmine Er, it’s MU 76344 HJ.
Tony Let me just check for you …. Yes, sorry to keep you waiting. I’m afraid it’s been delayed. It’s in the Singapore depot at the moment. Apparently, there was a problem with the delivery address.
Jasmine Oh , really? What’s happened to it?
Tony It seems the house number didn’t exist. Can I check it with you? Was it to 40 Golden Orchard Road?
Jasmine No, 14!
Tony Right- one four. I see.
Jasmine Can you tell me when it’ll be delivered?
Tony We’ll put it on a truck right away so it will arrive today. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Supplier Jackson Office Supplies. How can I help you?
You This is Cathy King from Apcos Ltd. There’s a problem with an order I made last week.
Supplier I’m sorry to hear that. Can you give me the order number?
You Yes, it’s JYG 723 / 19 / BP. You sent the wrong ink for our printers.
Supplier Oh, I see.
You Could you pick it up and bring the right ink, TP2000?
Supplier No problem .
You Can you tell me when it’ll be delivered?
Supplier I think tomorrow should be possible. Is that OK?
You That’s OK. Thanks very much. Goodbye.