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Nâng cấp VIP để xem các trang bị khóa.

Clerk (F): Good morning! You have reached the front desk of the Marten Hotel. How can I help you?
Assistant (M): Hi, good morning. My name is Patrick Howell and I need to make a reservation for my employer.
Clerk: Certainly. What is your employer’s name and when will they arrive?
Assistant: Jack Green. And his plane arrives at 7:30 am on the third of July. Then he’ll be leaving on July the sixth.
Clerk: Fantastic. I’ll put him down for a three-night stay.
Assistant: Mr. Green would like accommodations on the ground floor, if possible.
Clerk: Very well. Should I arrange for a shuttle from the airport to the hotel?
Assistant: Yes, that would be great.
Clerk: Okay. Please make sure to confirm the reservation two days in advance.
Assistant: I will. Thank you.