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Teller (M): Welcome to Community Bank and Trust. How may I help you today?
Secretary (F): I’d like to make a deposit for Anderson and Co.
Teller: Great. Do you have a completed deposit slip?
Secretary: Yes, I have it right here. But would you mind checking it over to see if there are any mistakes? It’s my first deposit for them and I don’t want to do it wrong.
Teller: Oh, of course. We always do anyway.
Secretary: That’s good to know.
Teller: Well, I can actually spot a mistake already. You have five checks to deposit, but you’ve only listed four.
Secretary: I’m sorry, what a silly mistake! Should I fill out a new deposit slip?
Teller: That won’t be necessary, ma’am. You can just add the fifth check to the list and change the total amount.
Secretary: Okay, done. Anything else?
Teller: One more thing. Since you made a change to the deposit slip, I’ll need you to initial it.
Secretary: Sure, just anywhere?
Teller: Next to the new total amount, thanks.
Secretary: There you go. Thanks for catching that, I appreciate it.
Teller: My pleasure. Here’s your receipt for today.
Secretary: Wonderful. See you next time.