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Secretary (M): Excuse me, Sarah. I hope I’m not disturbing you.
Supervisor (F): Not at all! Come in.
Secretary: I got your email about those drafts.
Supervisor: Okay, but you have questions?
Secretary: Just one. But it can wait until later if you’re busy.
Supervisor: I’d rather get it over with now than play catch up later.
Secretary: Well, you asked me to offer Mr. Reynolds the accounts manager position. And to have him accept or reject it by Friday, right?
Supervisor: Yes. So what’s the problem?
Secretary: Well, it’s Wednesday today. The mail room won’t even pick up today’s mail until this afternoon.
Supervisor: Oh, good catch! He probably won’t even get the letter until Friday afternoon.
Secretary: Exactly. I doubt he’ll have time to get back to us. But I didn’t want to mess things up by changing the day without telling you.
Supervisor: Thanks for checking with me first, that’s definitely the right way to go on something like this. But you’re right.
Secretary: So maybe Tuesday of next week?
Supervisor: No, just give him the weekend to think about it.
Secretary: Monday it is. I’ll bring in the draft after I change that.
Supervisor: Thanks.