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Manager (F): All right, we need to employ an administrative assistant to cover Margaret while she’s on sick leave. Can you place an ad with the employment agency please?
Secretary (M): Sure. What should I put in the ad?
Manager: Well, we need someone with good IT skills and a decent typing speed. At least fifty words per minute. That’s essential.
Secretary: Okay.
Manager: And it would be good if they had some office experience, especially note-taking.
Secretary: Note-taking desirable. Right. Should we outline the duties?
Manager: Definitely. Duties include answering the phone, data entry and word-processing.
Secretary: Got it. And do you want to describe the ideal person?
Manager: What do you mean?
Secretary: Things like, we want someone with some initiative. And it’s important that they pay attention to detail.
Manager: Okay, sure, you can include that. But you’ll also need to give details about the hours. That’s 42 hours per week, for 10 weeks starting ASAP.
Secretary: And how much are we paying?
Manager: Fifteen dollars an hour, approximately.
Secretary: And when do you want the ad placed?
Manager: By the end of the day, if possible.
Secretary: I’ll see what I can do.