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Secretary (M): Ms. Hendricks, I got an email from Trundle Inc. you should know about.
Supervisor (F): Trundle Incorporated? Oh, yes, the new paper supplier. What’s it about?
Secretary: Well, they’re pushing back the estimated time of arrival on the first shipment.
Supervisor: Wow, it’s their first order with us and they’re already changing the ETA?
Secretary: Yeah, it’s not exactly good business, is it?
Supervisor: No, not at all. Have you called them to see if they can speed things up?
Secretary: I did, but they just gave me the runaround.
Supervisor: I see. Do me a favor, forward that email to my account. What’s the subject line?
Secretary: Um, it’s “Re: Shipping Date Order 1612′.
Supervisor: Thanks. I think I’ll share that with our CEO and see if she can convince them to ship on time.
Secretary: I imagine a phone call from the Chief Executive Officer carries more weight than one from a secretary, doesn’t it?
Supervisor: It shouldn’t matter who calls. They promised to deliver on time and they’re not doing it.
Secretary: Should I contact our old supplier?
Supervisor: Maybe. Who was it again?
Secretary: PaperCorp.
Supervisor: Get their number out. But don’t call just yet.