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Agent (M): Hello, Spot On Conference Supplies.
Organizer (W): Hi. I’d like to order some equipment for a conference.
Agent: Sure. Where and when is the conference?
Organizer: It’s at the Grand Hotel from the 23rd to the 27th of July.
Agent: And what supplies do you need?
Organizer: Well, we need a microphone and speakers in our auditorium, and we need a projector and a screen in there too.
Agent: Right, that’s fine.
Organizer: We also have eight small meeting rooms. We’ll need a flipchart in each one.
Agent: Eight flipcharts. Anything else? Do you need any laptops?
Organizer: No, our speakers will bring their own.
Agent: Fine, we’ll deliver those to the hotel on July 23rd. I’ll just need your billing information.
Organizer: Oh, I work for Howard Presentations. We have an account with you.