Đàm thoại Tiếng Anh về sử dụng công nghệ (2)

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SalesRep (M): SimpleClicks. This is Ron speaking. How can I help you?
Customer (F): Hi. I’m interested in some products I saw on your website.
SalesRep: Okay. Which ones are you interested in?
Customer: Well, I saw that you have some computer accessories for left -handed people.
SalesRep: Yes, it’s a new range.
Customer: I need to order a left-handed keyboard and mouse.
SalesRep: Sure thing. A lot of our left-handed customers say those have been life-savers for them.
Customer: Yeah, I’m a secretary, so I’m on the computer all day.
SalesRep: Now, are you satisfied with your current printer and monitor?
Customer: Oh, yes. They work fine.
Salesman: Well, if you change your mind we are having a sale on several models.
Customer: Just the mouse and keyboard for now, thanks.