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Manager (F): Good morning Peter. How are you?
Secretary (M): Good morning, Christine. I’m good, thanks.
What can I do for you?
Manager: The printer has run out of paper, and we need some other things too. Can you place an order for office supplies?
Secretary: Sure, what do we need?
Manager: Okay, we need six reams of paper. Two boxes of CDs and three boxes of DVDs
Secretary: Sure, anything else?
Manager: Yes, please order five stacks of folders.
Secretary: No problem. Is that everything?
Manager: Um … do we need anything in the stationery department?
Secretary: Let me check … yes, we need more red pens. One box will be enough.
Manager: Okay, add that to the order. That’s everything, then.
Secretary: All right. I’ll place the order this afternoon.