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Worker (M): Excuse me, Karen? Are you the chairperson for the meeting on Friday?
Chairperson (W): I am Tony. What can I do for you?
Worker: I’d like to propose a motion.
Chairperson: I’m sorry, it’s too late. You need to inform me three days in advance.
Worker: Really? But it’s only Wednesday.
Chairperson: I’m sorry, you still missed the deadline. But, we can discuss your motion at next week’s meeting.
Worker: That’s no good. I won’t be around next week.
Chairperson: Well, what’s your motion about anyway?
Worker: The vacation policy. New employees have as much time off as people who have been here for years.
Chairperson: Okay, I can see why that might be upsetting.
Worker: So you’ll bring it up at the meeting?
Chairperson: I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything.