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Secretary (F): Good morning Mr. Brooks. Is there anything I can help you with?
Owner (M): I need to send out invitations for the product launch next month. Will you write them for me?
Secretary: Of course. I’ll take down the details … okay, I’m ready.
Owner: I’m hosting it on behalf of Bergson Corporation.
Secretary: Right, and what is the product?
Owner: It’s for their new cosmetics line: ‘Inspire’.
Secretary: What kind of event is it?
Owner: It’s going to be a cocktail party, very fashionable.
There’lI be a buffet and a live jazz band.
Secretary: Sounds great! When and where?
Owner: It’s in the main function hall at the Imperial Hotel, Friday 30th April, 8pm until midnight.
Secretary: Got it. When would you like the replies by?
Owner: Ask them to RSVP within two weeks from today.