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Administrator (M): Rebecca, we need to talk.
Secretary (F): Is something wrong?
Administrator: I just got off the phone with Charles Seneca. I can’t believe you hung up on him!
Secretary: Mr. Bryant, I promise, I didn’t hang up on anyone!
Administrator: Why don’t you tell me your version of what happened, then.
Secretary: Well, I was screening his call to see who he needed to talk to. But he seemed a bit upset about the delay.
Administrator: That’s about what he said, too. But then he says you hung up on him.
Secretary: No, I was about to connect him to you, but all of a sudden he was disconnected.
Administrator: Okay. That’s possible, because he uses a cell phone.
Secretary: That’s a relief! I thought I was in trouble.
Administrator: Hang on a second. Did you try to reach him immediately after the call was disconnected?
Secretary: No, I assumed he’d call back.
Administrator: That’s a problem. If you’re going to handle the phones, you do need to reconnect calls ASAP.
Secretary: I’m so sorry. I will next time.
Administrator: Good. Now, I’d appreciate it if you’d call
Mr. Seneca and apologize.
Secretary: Right away.