Đàm thoại Tiếng Anh về chương trình nghị sự

HIỆN TẠI TOÀN BỘ AUDIO SẼ KO THỂ KHÔI PHỤC TỰ ĐỘNG. Mọi người hãy yêu cầu ở đây, ad sẽ ưu tiên xử lý trước.
Nâng cấp VIP để xem các trang bị khóa.

VP (M): Good afternoon, Mary. I need you to type the agenda for our meeting tomorrow morning.
Secretary (F): Hi Mr. Miller. I can take care of that, sure.
VP: You know the usual start, don’t you?
Secretary: Of course. We’ll read the minutes from our last meeting and ask everyone to approve them. Will there be any correspondence to discuss?
VP: Not at the moment, but leave it on the agenda in case anyone else has something to add.
Secretary: All right. How about reports?
VP: I’ll be giving my quarterly report and the Chief Financial Officer will give a report as well.
Secretary: Are you expecting anything from the committees?
VP: Yes, there will be a quick presentation or two
Secretary: You don’t happen to remember from which committee, do you?
VP: I’m sorry, it’s slipped my mind.
Secretary: No worries. I’ll send an email to each committee’s chairman.
VP: Great, thanks. And you got my email about old and new business?
Secretary: I did. Do you want me to close the meeting with those?
VP: That’s fine. Make copies once you’re finished and see that everybody gets one.
Secretary: Sure thing.