Đàm thoại Tiếng Anh về sổ sách kế toán

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Manager (F): Good morning, Alex. I’ve got some good news for you.
Secretary (M): Oh, hi Ms. Roberts. Let’s hear it.
Manager: Well, I know that managing the  ledger  (sổ cái) hasn’t been easy for you.
Secretary: No, not at first, at least. But I’m a lot better at it now than I was before.
Manager: That’s true. But it’s about to get a lot easier.
Secretary: How so? Did we hire an accountant?
Manager: Oh, nothing like that. We’ve gotten you some bookkeeping software.
Secretary: Yeah? I’ve heard that makes measuring  cash flow  (dòng tiền) much simpler.
Manager: Hopefully it should free up a lot more of your time.
Secretary: Fantastic. So should we keep the  filing system  (hệ thống hồ sơ) for our  receipts  (hóa đơn) and  bank statements  (bảng sao kê ngân hàng)?
Manager: Definitely. Even though we’ll have the program to track payments and  outgoings  (các khoản chi tiêu), we’ll still need the paperwork to back it up.
Secretary: That makes sense. So when can I get started on it?
Manager: Right away, if you’re ready.
Secretary: Let’s see. I have to check the ledger for  overdue accounts  (tài khoản quá hạn) first, then I’ll be free.
Manager: Actually, I’m pretty sure that the program will do that for you, too.
Secretary: Excellent, let’s get going then.


So, you’re in charge of the books! It’s not uncommon for secretaries and administrative assistants nowadays. It’s not everyone’s idea of an exciting job, but actually bookkeeping is one of the most important aspects of a business. For tax reasons, every business has to keep a ledger recording of all its financial transactions. The ledger records important elements such as your profit and loss, incoming payments and outgoings. Hold onto all receipts and bank statements, and create a good filing system to store them. That way you have them if you ever need to back up your figures.

Good bookkeeping is also essential in that it helps companies to get loans. Banks like to see clear records. They will be more likely to invest in a business if they can see documentation of income and expenses.

If you are still unenthusiastic about bookkeeping, try out the new bookkeeping computer software. These programs let you see information such as overdue accounts with a click of a mouse button. They can also give you insights into your company. For example, you can forecast sales and gain ideas on how to increase cash flow.

Just remember – although it may seem tedious, bookkeeping is an essential operation in any company!