Đàm thoại Tiếng Anh về hội nghị

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Official (W): Good morning sir. Can you tell me your name please?
Delegate (M): I’m Paul Evans. I’m from Handbridge and Son.
Official: Ah yes, here’s your nametag. Can you sign here please?
Delegate: Of course. There you are. What time does everything start?
Official: Mr. Daniel’s giving a welcoming address at ten o’clock in the auditorium. After that there’s a lecture.
Here’s a program of events for you.
Delegate: Thanks.
Official: You’ll also need to sign up for the sessions.
Delegate: Sessions?
Official: Yes. The morning workshops are assigned already, but there’s a choice of seminars in the afternoon. The lists are over there.
Delegate: Oh, I didn’t realize. I’ll sign up now.
Official: And there are refreshments available in the lobby.
Delegate: Thanks for your help.