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Employee (M): Excuse me, can you help me? I’m not sure where to file these documents.
Secretary (W): Sure. What documents do you have?
Employee: I’ve got some letters from clients.
Secretary: Those go in the correspondence files. We put them in chronological order.
Employee: Okay. And what about these client documents?
Secretary: Client documents go in the drawers. They’re filed geographically. What country is your client from?
Employee: I’m not sure. It’s Mr. Sakamoto’s account.
Secretary: Oh, Mr. Sakamoto’s from Japan, so his folder is in the ‘Asia’ drawer. The files are in alphabetical order, so Mr. Sakamoto’s folder is under ‘S’.
Employee: Okay. And what about these project documents? Are they filed according to subject?
Secretary: No. Those go in numerical order. The number is at the top of the document.
Employee: I see. Thanks for your help.
Secretary: You’re welcome.

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