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Secretary (F): Hi, I’m Anne. Thanks for coming. I know you guys in Information Technology are pretty busy.
IT Tech (M): I’m Bill. And it’s no problem. What can I do for you?
Secretary: Well, my boss decided that we should use a social networking site. You know, to improve communication around the office. But I’ve never used a site like that before.
IT Tech: Okay. I can show you the basics.
Secretary: Thanks. I’ve got the site up on my computer. Now what?
IT Tech: Go ahead and type in your username and password. That will bring up your profile.
Secretary: It says I have a message from Jim. How can I respond?
IT Tech: You just click the message icon. Once it’s open, there’s a button that says ‘reply’.
Secretary: Oh, so it’s kind of like email.
IT Tech: Exactly, but it also has an instant messaging function and a profile page where people can leave you notes.