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Salesperson: The Stationery Store, this is Mike speaking. How can I help you?
Secretary: Hi, I’d like to place an order for some storage supplies.
Salesperson: No problem, what would you like?
Secretary: First of all, I need some box files.
Salesperson: Okay, they come in two sizes, legal and A4. Which would you like?
Secretary: The legal. I’ll take a dozen of those in gray.
Salesperson: Great. Anything else?
Secretary: I need seventy red ring binders and three hundred clear pockets.
Salesperson: Got it. Do you have an account with us or are you paying with a credit card?
Secretary: We have an account. It’s Johnstone and Company, and the account number is 3748 3948.
Salesperson: Thanks. We have the address on the computer, so we’ll deliver it tomorrow morning. Is sometime between nine and eleven, okay?
Secretary: That works, thanks.