Đàm thoại giúp đỡ khách hàng

HIỆN TẠI TOÀN BỘ AUDIO SẼ KO THỂ KHÔI PHỤC TỰ ĐỘNG. Mọi người hãy yêu cầu ở đây, ad sẽ ưu tiên xử lý trước.
Nâng cấp VIP để xem các trang bị khóa.

Assistant (M): Hello, Miss Gordon. All done with the meeting?
Visitor (W): Yes, finally. But I’m really hungry. Do you know any good restaurants around here? .
Assistant: There’s Wagner’s. Everyone here loves It.
Visitor: That sounds good. Where is it, exactly?
Assistant: It’s across from the Luxe Hotel.
Visitor: I’m sorry, I don’t know where that is. Could you give me directions?
Assistant: Sure, just take a left on Broadway and continue for two blocks. Wagner’s is on the right. Do you need a map?
Visitor: No, that’s fine, thanks.

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